The Sirens of the Sea

Tis said that there were creature of the oceans, with the head and torso of a girl and a tail of a fish, that lured men to their deaths with a sweet and melodious songs. Those men were right...



So I decided to make a click and drag considering i have never seen one in this fandom before : / 

inspired by this post

it was a pain in the butt to make (two days!) so if you repost what you got, please link it back to this! plus, i really want to see what you got lol

((Grew up in the North Pole, Ted Wiggins is my love interest, Rapunzel’s my best friend, I’m a peasant, Turbo’s my worst enemy and Sergeant Calhoun is my sidekick.))

Grew up in Berk, Love interest is Jack Frost, best friend is Merida, Occupation is princess, worst enemy is Pitch Black, and my sidekick is sergeant Calhoun

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  • 6 January 2014
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